January, February, March 2016

  • 1 Elevate Action Workbook

  • 1 Thought Journal

  • 12 Lead Generation Infographics

  • 3 Montly Action Calendars 2016

  • 3 Daily BOLD Challenge Pads (90 pages)

  • Access to Elevate Program Videos for Members Only

  • 50 Push Pins (For Geographical Farming Mapping)

  • Branded Gift Box to keep you organzied

  • 6 Coaching Sessions

  • BONUS – One Shoe Horn, signed by Virginia Munden


The 90 Day Challenges, ELEVATE/Infancy, THRIVE/Adolescence, GROW/Maturity and MAINTAIN/Momentum, are proven Innovative & Current Business Programs designed by Virginia Munden, who has had an extensive, exemplary & extremely successful 25 year love affair with Real Estate and Business. She has always placed in the Top 1%, #1, Top 3, Top 5, Top 10 and Top 100 in Canada of all Individual Agent & Teams in the companies & organizations she and her husband Wayne have had the pleasure to work with. Virginia’s success in Real Estate has given her the opportunity to transition herself and share her secrets to industry professionals, offices, organizations and associations globally. As well, she has been invited to facilitate and speak in webinars, google hangouts, Skypes, conferences & conventions globally in over 10 countries around the world with sometimes over 30 countries in attendance.

Virginia Munden decided to proudly package her secrets to success, The 90 Day Challenge Programs, for other Professional Realtors and astute Business Minds to implement into their business building process. The fundamentals are right here. They aren’t easy to implement, but are a necessity to executing so that one may build a career to be profitable and sustainable. The dream of business ownership is also easy, it’s 1%, but the hard work to grow and succeed is the tough part, the 99%. Are you ready to give it? If you lay the foundation of a true business culture in the early stages of creation, you will pave the way for your success for many years to come.

Since 2011, these highly recommended programs have been implemented by several Beta Partners, Coaching Clients, Teams & Offices in many Countries in Europe, South America, UK and North America. Many continue to use Virginia’s programs to build businesses and continue to offer thier clients outstanding results. Virginia’s programs are a constant resource to help innovate and succeed using cutting edge platforms, current technologies and the vision to stay relevant. One note is, our industry and business is in constant change, with disruptions and distractions. Virginia always stays focused on the current to offer her clients the mindset to think like a business. Her role is to help you increase your GCI and have a solid ROI. Her programs will also assist you to reduce EXPENSES, BUILD A BUSINESS TO BE PROUD OF and LIVE A BETTER LIFE.

If you are ready for explosive growth, you are ready for this no – nonsense approach. Build a business that comes searching for you rather than you always looking for the next transaction. Become a relevant and authentic brand that offers the most comprehensive services and outstanding results to your clients. All you need is the passion & commitment to say ‘ I’m ready ‘.

Time to INVEST in your business and build a career you are proud of. You have the opportunity to do extraordinary things. Let me help.