It was a great day of learning and collaboration at rebarcamp Vancouver.  They were so many great takeaways from professionals that are raising the bar in our industry.  Here are our takeaways from presentations we attended.

Unleash your Authentic Value Proposition to Differentiate and Close more Leads

Speaker: Virginia Munden

Speaker: Virginia Munden

What role might compassion and empathy play in your position as an agent? As it turns out, quite a lot, especially when it’s a part of your brand. “The human touch allows you to relate better to your customer,” Virginia Munden reminded participants at the REBarCamp VANCOUVER 2015. “Know what your customer wants to hear.”

Dynamic and personable, Virginia laid out strategies she knows by heart after 25 successful years in the industry. It’s all about building relationships: between agents, clients, partners and other people involved in the real estate industry. The emphasis on relationship building and focusing more on the client rather than the agent set the tone for Virginia’s talk; building authentic rapport appeared as a running theme throughout this year’s REBarCamp 2015 workshops.

She suggests preparing a comprehensive PowerPoint presentation for clients that will underscore the value of your service. “Data and stats don’t lie!” she stresses. Along with 20 points on why a seller needs to work with an agent, the presentation should always include not only a review of the previous year, but a review of the first quarter of the year. “That’s powerful,” she says. “Concentrate on stats, they don’t lie.” It helps to build a client’s confidence, and it accentuates an agent’s knowledge of the local market.

Value is a word frequently heard throughout the industry, but values need to genuinely relate to an agent’s business. She recommends drawing on a wealth of tools readily available to agents: why not emphasize an agent’s membership in real estate boards to highlight the huge roster of agents with qualified buyers at their disposal? Future buyers are on social media; social media platforms and online portals offer rich resources that should be fully utilized.  Two things are needed to harness the power of online platforms, she says somewhat tongue-in-cheek: a user name and a password.

Like a mantra, Virginia assures an outstanding customer relationship when an agent presents value, highlights the benefit of that value, and outlines the results of that value. “What’s the value of your brand for the consumer?” she asks. “When you tell a client: ‘I live here, I work here, I know about these things’, you’re creating value in the mindset of the consumer. Be a specialist in your area.”

“Develop relationships and engage with people,” she says. “We need to shift our mindset to increase sales and opportunities.”