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Today I challenge you to GOOGLE yourself and see how and where you are found on the ON – LINE SPACE. Use your options, Videos, Images, Web, Maps, Social, News, Blogs… Are there ways you can improve your position on the on – line space so your clients can find you first? What strategies are you currently using to ensure you are aggressively placed in the top search categories for your business? Keep in mind 93% of buyers are on – line searching homes to purchase while 75% of sellers are on – line searching for agents to work with.
I challenge you to limit your time on computers today, whether on your desktop, on your iPad, your mobile device…unless connecting with or calling clients or partners back. Get out into the communities you serve and make yourselves present.

Fall weather is fantastic, take advantage and communicate your value more to people. Bring items items of value as newsletter, Home Appraisal Cards, recent sales or new lisitng information…

Today I challenge you to get TESTIMONIALS from all your good clients who have experienced value to date in 2015, in fact, go as far back as 2014. These are great to share with clients who are sitting on the fence.

Then create your TESTIMONIAL LINK on your website for people to read. Also, create your profile on YELP or on RANK MY AGENT for clients to post their recommendation and referrals for you there.

Did you know that Professionals that have more recommendations have a jumpstart with SEO with internet searches? Once your clients have bought or sold a home, what do you do? There is a process to build upon more opportunities!


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