One Hour Truth Keynotes

I have been privileged to speak to many Businesses and Real Estate Organizations around the world. I specialize in facilitating content in a variety of relevant spaces within Business & Real Estate.  My strength is telling it like it is, truth. I want to engage an audience who is willing to open their minds, their hearts & listen.  Shifting your mindset to make relevant changes in your everyday life, whether personally or professionally must be without fear, without doubt, without laziness. There are NO limits.  These sessions will promote, execute and transact growth in abundance. Eventually, they will lead to create businesses you will thrive in and live lives you are

profoundly proud of. This is all part of finding your life’s purpose, passion and perspective.

While Technology, SEO, Social Media, Apps, Websites and Videos are relevant and important to building brands and businesses, I am going to begin backwards and go places you have never been before…with a twist to enrich your mindset with mastery. Time to shift everything back into perspective, so that you may become so magnanimous at what you do, your role to serve & enrich the lives of others will be the extension of your business. When you add the element of people into your profession, eventually business comes searching for you.

Time to become.

Time to dominate.

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Passion is one of the most overused words in the world today, yet it has become a crucial piece of the puzzle to elevating relevant businesses & brands, building genuine relationships & living and loving a more fulfilling life. Passions must be personal, authentic & genuine to one’s personal self yet be relevant to share with others. How are you tapping into your inner dragon to prepare for a more astute business acumen, more compelling & transparent relationships and a more vicarious life to live, love and be proud of? The answers lie in your purpose and it is the evolution of this purpose that will eventually impact who you to become in your sphere of business. Time to put your perspectives into pursuit mode so you can create a business to be proud of. Let’s dominate.


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With the evolution of the internet and social platforms over the last 10 years, people are experiencing exponential growth in relationships from an abundance of sources like never before. When once upon a time we communicated with just a telephone, fax or a visit, we now have 100s if not 1000s of way’s to connect with people and articulate our value in less time than ever before. Understanding the mindset of today’s internet – driven consumer will allow you to create solid connections, build better relationships, convert more opportunities and close more business transactions simply by communicating using relevant content through various context available to us today.


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It’s not SEO you should be working on, it’s CEO Mindset. There are 5 distinct profiles of a successful Sales Entrepreneur. Everyone is creating marketing without understanding their role nor the profiles of their target markets. Each one of these distinct profiles attributes to personal success, yet only one measures above all others due to clarity of focus, drive, discipline and commitment. Being a constant resource of knowledge & results are the main drivers. By facilitating and articulating the value of these conversations to people is key to establishing better relationships, converting more opportunities, closing more deals thus allowing consumer advocacy to grow your business and brand like never before.


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EMBRACE THE NEW GENERATION BS ( BS is for Bottle Service )

First it was the Millennials born 1977 -1993. Now, there is a new breed of bread – earners in town, GENERATION BS born after 1994. Learn how to stay relevant to serving the next crazy – cool generation of ‘ Instakids ‘ This super fun, smart & savvy and fashionably trendy Instagram generation has been raised to want it all and have it all, and at all costs without any limits. They may not be buying Real Estate or luxury vehicles… yet, but this new generation is leaner, keener and seen doing some of the coolest things that no other generation has done before. They are risk – takers, rule breakers and money makers. How is your company marketing to them, serving them and tapping into their inner energies to create the future generation of consumers?


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Seeking to Serve. Remember those words. Seeking to serve others is part of every business building strategy and it begins with understanding the WHY of organizational movements & most importantly direction. How does understanding your why and providing a human element help organizations build better businesses for people to react, reinvent, recharge and retain for future growth & sustainability. Attracting the right people for products and services through effective storytelling, ratings and reviews may provide the answer to your strategy. Real Stories by Real People, Leading Real Lives creates the real, the raw and the relevant your company needs to differentiate to attract the new generation consumer. We are no longer in the sales game here, we are in pursuit of the human experience. Time to make that experience happen.


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Truth always trumps. To differentiate yourself from your competition, you have to do what no one else is doing, it’s called passionwork. Working within the Real Estate Landscape for over 25 years, I have engaged in 10s of 1000s of conversations, to discover how people think, react, respond and share information that is relevant to their business and their brands. Remaining transparent in an ever – changing industry is key, adapting to change while staying true to your unique value proposition and core competencies are crucial. While creating programs to facilitate growth for business professionals, I encourage all to detox, delete and detract from the social noise. As one of the fastest growing global industries, to say the least, Real Estate has also become part of the ‘ Negative Reputation Industry ‘, mainly because many are making up their own rules and working against acceptable ethical standards, high level of character and competent core values to be the best. There is a better way to maintain a solid reputation based on personal rankings, recommendations and referrals. It isn’t just about relationships, it’s about partnerships. Time to work them. 


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I am deeply committed to empowering women to elevate their leadership roles in business. Women have the confidence to move forward and push through the barriers like never before yet lack courage to do so. Why? Many women are still conditioned into believing the prized world of business is still a man’s world. Says who? Let’s work this thing together. Being their own worst critics who preach to practice collaboration and support, women still are their own worst enemies. Learn how to detox, detour and reroute yourself with clarity to achieve the success you clearly work hard for and deserve. Create a hub of humbleness, a voice of confidence & clarity, a spirit of generosity and elevate your personal passions to serve others to the highest level. It’s time to boss it up ladies, shift your mindset.


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Virginia Munden, Canada’s revolutionary Business & Real Estate Consultant has the perfect plan for you. This globally implemented power session will set the foundation for the first quarter of the year. An intense 3 Module Program, will put in place powerful & measurable systems that will help build a Real Estate Business to be profitable and sustainable and a career you can be proud of. Being clear in your vision, focused on your commitments, and disciplined with your actions will create the traction needed to sustain an outstanding year in Real Estate. Traction will play a key role in the process of building a business and thriving in a competitive market, so get ready to explode. Time to tighten the gap and control market share in the community you serve. 


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Virginia Munden, Canada’s revolutionary Business & Real Estate Consultant has the perfect plan for your Real Estate Team. This globally implemented Course will set the foundation to building a connected Real Estate Team that is ready for explosive growth. Look into the mindset of an effective Leader and put into action extreme leadership principles that will lead, serve, inspire & motivate Team Players to compete for a winning year. Communication, Office Culture, Recruiting, Training and Retaining are key to growth & sustainability. Delve into the possibilities through disciplined implementation & execution of daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly action plans. Team participation, communication, role playing, goal setting, accountability and acknowledgement are all part of creating the most recognized and branded Team in your community that is known for impeccable value & results excellence. 


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