About Virginia Munden, Canadian Trailblazer

‘ My mission is to push the boundaries of your success by altering your perception of what you can eventually become. ‘ Virginia Munden

Recognized as an authority and influencer in the Global Real Estate and Business space, Virginia Munden is fuelled by one simple mantra ‘ always do your best and do it with passion ‘. She has experienced firsthand the process of buying and selling Real Estate at very early age with her entrepreneurial family. Once settled in Canada from Europe, Real Estate appeared to be a solid investment. Since then, she has been having a love affair with Business, People and Properties.

Over the past 25 years, Virginia has been fortunate to building a profitable and sustainable Real Estate Career with her husband Wayne Munden. Privileged in assisting buyers and sellers change lives through the dream of home ownership, her role in the industry has transitioned from assisting Buyers and Sellers of Real Estate to helping Real Estate Professionals & Corporations thrive in their careers.

In 2011, Virginia Munden began her Coaching, Keynote and Corporate Consulting career to help change the way Real Estate Associations, Corporations, Brokerages and Professionals globally, approach Real Estate and Business. “ The evolution of growth is a beautiful thing. The success of a Business or Real Estate Career begins with a great attitude and a strong mindset. However, that being said, a solid foundation, simple guiding principles & core values, measurable systems and consistent accountability of actions are the components which fuel success.

Shifting your Mindset from Sales to Entrepreneur and Management to Leadership are crucial elements in building careers that are profitable and sustainable. Maintaining a clear focus, a consistent commitment and a thriving ambition to succeed creates traction, and traction is currency. Virginia also believes in the power of Consumer Advocacy and has the magic formula to achieve this.

Success is 1% idea and 99% hard work. Business Entrepreneurs, whether in Real Estate or other chosen professions, must recognize the one BOLD thing. One element will always remain constant, and that is PEOPLE. Whether you are offering a service or a product, one must ensure to connect, create, convert and close with confidence to enhance the lives of others.

Virginia Munden’s unique brand has positioned her to create unique and bulletproof programs at virginiamunden.com. Her coaching modules, keynote presentations and consulting strategies serve Real Estate Professionals, Boards, Corporations and Associations Globally. These programs have been tested, implemented, executed, measured to produce outstanding results. By investing, you will be given immense value that will save you time, money and valuable resources while increasing GCI and reducing expenses along the way.

It’s time to SHIFT YOUR MINDSET, and DOMINATE in your industry. 

It’s Time to Invest in Your Career

Virginia Munden recognizes opportunities and appreciates traditional methods of building businesses that are profitable and sustainable. Since the evolution of the internet – driven consumer, we now need to fuse tradition with technology, social media, digital & mobile strategies to create a unique value proposition when serving customers. Our programs are relevant, competent and authentic and we know you will thrive by investing them.
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Virginia Munden specializes in BUSINESS & REAL ESTATE Coaching for Entrepreneurs & Leaders who want to build careers to be profitable and sustainable.

Do you love your career? Do you love the life you live?  If not, change your career, or simply change your attitude.

Virginia Munden specializes in Business & Real Estate Coaching for Entrepreneurs who want to elevate their brand & business to the next level. Effective Commitment Plans, 90 Challenges, Measurable Systems and Accountability Platforms that will inspire you to succeed so that you may have a career you are proud of and a life to enjoy.

52 Programs for Entrepreneurs & Leadership Levels

Entrepreneurial Programs

will assist you to:

  • Shift your Mindset from one of Sales to Entrepreneur

  • Formulate a Brand Plan that is right for your clients.

  • Create a Brand Voice that will differentiate & educate.

  • Implement a Business Plan and execute with confidence.

  • Set up Systems that will manage your business.

  • Strategize with Lead Streams that procure more buyers and sellers for your product or service.

  • Build Relationships of reputation and influence to create consumer advocacy.

  • Study and practice communication dialogues and articulation for business conversations.

  • Connect, create and convert more leads to contract.

  • Measure your business to create powerful data to share as valuable content.

  • Engage in follow – up that will hold you accountable.

  • Increase GCI from 28% to 38% yearly.

  • Reduce Expenses to keep more money in the bank.

  • Live a life you are proud to live and enjoy with people you love.

Leadership Programs

will assist you to:

  • Shift your Mindset from Management to Leadership, to Lead, Serve & Inspire.

  • Understand the initial processes to Recruit, Train and Retain.

  • Enhance the level of professionalism and transform change.

  • Improve your Communication Skills to facilitate ideas and vision to reality.

  • Create ongoing relevant training that drives growth and customer loyalty.

  • Encourage team players to have the confidence to win.

  • Provide a cultural office environment to enhance collaboration and competency.

  • Challenge Team Players and Office personal to drive a new level of success.

  • Push your Team Players to improve their Performance individually and as a Team.

  • Create Accountability & Acknowledgement Systems that will encourage growth.

  • Hold Team Players accountable through 3 Strategic Meeting Styles that will offer culture and creativity.

  • Introduce Contests that will drive confidence and a new level of success for your organization.

  • Investigate how you can improve your organization to create advocacy & new opportunities.

  • Grow your Organization to be profitable and sustainable while reducing expenses year after year.

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Virginia Munden has also taken her expertise to the following countries Barcelona, Italy, Turkey, Malta, Germany, Portugal, UK, Argentina, Austria, Canada, USA.

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